No Crystal Ball Needed

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No Crystal Ball Needed

I speak to agents daily that are allowing their seller to orchestrate the marketing of their home. Ex: “My listing needs to be staged, I’m afraid to tell my seller”. The agent they hire after you won’t be!

Two years ago, an agent called me to look at her listing. The sellers loved their home and didn’t see the value of staging. They expected the first buyer to imagine how beautiful this home could be. You know where I’m going with this… the house sat on the market for a year then rented for another year.

A few weeks ago, one of my top agents called, “Tracy, I have a listing that I will not list until it looks fabulous.” I met her at the house. It was the same house two years later! She did what she was hired to do… She told her seller what it would take to get it done. Four days on the market, twenty eight days from listing to closing. We furnished it with simple, elegantly defined spaces.

Moral of the story: Your seller will sing your praises as you are smiling at the closing table. Ta-da!

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