Simple, Elegantly Defined Spaces

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Simple, Elegantly Defined Spaces

Staging a home for sale should not represent the seller. Rather, it should elegantly define the space for the new buyer. Over-personalized clutter doesn’t sell a home, ever. If a potential purchaser can’t see the house beyond the seller’s “stuff,” how are they to imagine themselves there? Is the seller’s furniture and accessories indicative of a current design palette?

Buyers are dreaming of what their new home will look like. They are on the Internet comparing your listing with the competition. Have you put your best foot forward?

Countless times when I point out things that need to be put away – from the current sofa, silk plant(s), heirloom comforters and drapes from the Waverly floral days – I’m asked, “Do you know how much those were?!”

My response is simple: “How long ago?” Silk floral arrangements were, and are, expensive. This is why I believe they should only be displayed in funeral homes. Recently I staged a $1.2 M listing, the entire home for under $10,000.

It’s not about how much you spend – it’s about how you spend it.